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Russ Larkin & Associates commenced business as Consulting Marine Engineers and Ship Surveyors in January 1990 when founder Russ Larkin returned to Australia after spending thirty years working in the Far East and South East Asia as a Consulting Marine Engineer, Ship Surveyor and Ship’s Superintendent.

In 1994, the original Sole Proprietorship was changed to a Partnership when Steve Larkin joined the company as a Marine Surveyor.

In 1996, Russ Larkin and the Partnership were both accredited by Maritime Safety Queensland as Marine Surveyors.

In 1999 Steve Larkin became an Accredited Marine Surveyor with Maritime Safety Queensland and he also became the managing director of Russ Larkin and Associates Pty. Ltd..

Russ continues to this day to maintain an active role in the company and is a Consultant Marine Engineer and Ship Surveyor.

In 2014 Russ and Steve were accredited by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority as Domestic Commercial Vessel Accredited Marine Surveyors.

Russ Larkin & Associates is still located in the Cairns Area and its operational area extends largely throughout Far North Queensland, with regular Surveys in all other areas of Australia, Papua New Guinea, and Solomon Islands, and with additional Surveys in the Philippines, Far East Asia, The Middle East and South Pacific.

We provide for our clients a high level of experience and professionalism, based on integrity and work ethic, which is integral to Russ Larkin & Associates since 1990.

We regularly conduct the following types of work:

• AMSA Compliance/Registration Surveys;
• Positive Flotation Tests;
• Condition & Valuation for Sale/Purchase/Finance/Insurance Surveys;
• “On/Off Hire” Surveys;
• Tow Out Surveys;
• Lashing & Securing Cargo Surveys.

The Company now undertakes over 250 marine and industrial surveys and inspections annually for an international list of clients.


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